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The StinkPad

This old beast is The StinkPad. It's a ThinkPad 390X that once served as my mom's work laptop just before I was born. The company closed down, and even though she wrote a check to the company for the laptop, they never cashed it. The StinkPad sat unused for a while, until a few months ago, when I decided it was a perfect unit to restore.

At its age, many of the plastic parts have started to crack and break. This is a common problem with ThinkPads of the time. I was able to source the top half of the case, but I'm struggling to find the bottom half for a reasonable price. The bottom half provides most of the support for the screen, so it can only be used with an external monitor for now.

The StinkPad gave me a lot of trouble at first. It wouldn't load any OSes and the screen wasn't working correctly. I replaced the screen, which does have a brighter backlight, but that didn't fix it. The problem turned out to be the cable between the screen and the motherboard.

One of the sticks of RAM turned out to be bad, which was the cause of the laptop refusing to load operating systems. After I removed the bad stick, it was smooth sailing from there. I got Windows 98 and 2000 installed side-by-side without any issues.


It has a combination 3.5" floppy and CD-ROM drive, an aftermarket battery that somehow still works great, and a 15" 1024x768 (XGA) display. This was one of the most expensive configurations available for the 390X.