About Henry

Henry is an IT goon in training, dabbling in all sorts of other fields in the meantime. He is most proficient in electronics engineering and computering, but he can and will do almost anything that involves screwdrivers, wrenches, power tools, soldering irons, and other common hand tools, including hands. He has a healthy respect for fire, electricity, and other dangerous things, but still enjoys doing dumb stuff with them.

Basically, he likes fixing, making, modifying, and (when appropriate) breaking stuff. He may even fix, modify, or break YOUR stuff if you ask nicely.


Henry chilling out with a gray tabby cat in his lap
This is Kit-Kit! She's a very good girl.
Henry stands in front of a car with the hood open, looking something up on his phone
Googling something...
Henry stands in front of a DIY metal melting furnace, waiting for it to warm up
Come on, melt already!