Here's where I document all my computers, some new and some old. Most of these links don't go anywhere yet. Hell, most of them aren't even links.

Daily Drivers:

Core Era (Nehalem and late K10 onwards, ca. 2009-present)

Early x64 era (Prescott and K8 to Core 2 and early K10, ca. 2004-2008)

MOAR GIGAHERTZ!!1! era (Tualatin and Thunderbird to Northwood and Barton, ca. 2000-2004)

Late retro era (Pentium P5 to PIII Coppermine, ca. 1996-1999)

3.5" floppy era (late 80s to mid 90s)

5.25" floppy era (late 70s to mid 80s)

Other Interesting Stuff